I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and after the Soviet invasion of 1979, my family moved to Germany and shortly thereafter to Southern California. I have worked in interior design, photography, painting, breeding Devon Rex cats, and currently I am learning the art of bonsai and creating pots for them. I also worked in the international diamond industry and lived in Argentina, Brazil, Thailand and Egypt.All photos in the website are taken by me.


My love of bonsai started in childhood, and I began collecting my own trees during the pandemic. Hopefully, I will develop them into bonsai. The trees below are ones I've had the privilege of photographing with permission from the artist.


I started creating my own bonsai pots to experiment and explore three dimensional forms. As well as have pots for the bonsai I create.


I have been painting since I was a young child. My grandmother loved landscape paintings and she always had a supply of canvases and paints for us to dabble with in her garden. It is something I have loved doing ever since.


I started my photography adventure for my architectural and interior design projects. Between 2000 and 2007, I bred a captivating breed of cats known as the Devon Rex, which bear a striking resemblance to adorable aliens! In addition, I enjoy taking portraits especially of my son.

Interior Design

I have been working as an interior designer since 2000. My work ranges from high-end residential to commercial projects in southern California. Currently, I only accept very special projects. The architect I work with is Anderson & Associates Architectural Planning.